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Wilson General Information

Grades K - 5

• Instructional Start Time: 8:45 A.M.
• Dismissal: 2:50 P.M.

Breakfast begins at 8:15. All other children should not arrive at school before 8:30 a.m. Students are tardy after 8:45.
Students who are tardy must report to the office . There they will be given the tardy slip they need to enter class.

Rainy Weather
If the weather is rainy or very cold, children will go to the gymnasium. They should enter the gym directly from the side entrance on Auburn Street.


Children are dismissed from their classrooms by destination and method of travel:

  • Kindergarten students will be dismissed by their teachers from their classroom exits on Cedar St.

  • First grade students are dismissed by their teacher from the Cedar St. doorway farthest from the corner of Wilson St.

  • Second grade students are dismissed by their teacher from the Cedar St. doorway nearest to the corner of Wilson St.

  • Third grade students are dismissed by their teacher from the Wilson St. doorway nearest to the corner of Cedar St.

  • Fourth grade students are dismissed by their teacher from the Wilson St. doorway nearest to the corner of Auburn St.

  • Fifth grade students are dismissed by their teacher from the Auburn St. doors near the playground.

Children who ride buses or after school care vans will assemble in the gym and be dismissed from the gym door on Auburn St. when their bus or van arrives.

Before any student is dismissed, a parent or specified person picking up ​MUST​ make contact with the teacher to ensure the child is ​safely ​dismissed. In the event that your child will be changing their dismissal routine, please send your child to school with a written, dated, and signed note. This also applies to children who ride one of our buses.

NOTE: Siblings who walk home together will meet outside the school building. Please help them select an acceptable meeting place away from the exit doors.
You must send in a written, dated and signed note if your child is going home a different way. For example: If your child is normally a rider, but you want them to walk, whether for that day only or the rest of the year, send a note to your child's teacher notifying them of the change.
Children are expected to be in school for the full day. Any early dismissal should be for an unavoidable matter, and requires that you send them with a note in the morning stating the time you will come for them as well as the reason for the dismissal. On your arrival you must come to the school office. All children leaving early must be signed out by the adult who comes to get them. Please bring identification as it may be required.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL: No parents are allowed on the playground or in the gym in the morning or in the building at dismissal. This is a safety issue. We cannot possibly know every parent by sight and do not want strangers on the grounds or walking through the building. As indicated above, you will drop off your child or meet your child outside whether you are walking or driving them home.

Both Y.O.U (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) and 21st Century run after school programs at Wilson School from 2:45 to 5:00 p.m. These programs have been approved by the Manchester School Board. Parents who are interested in learning more about these programs should review the information on our Clubs and Activities page for YOU or 21st Century page. Contact information for inquiries and applications is also provided there.

Cost (School Year) :
Breakfast $1.30 a day (*Reduced - .30 cents)
Lunch $2.30 a day (*Reduced - .40 cents)
Milk .50 cents a day
Children may either bring a lunch from home, or purchase a lunch at school. The cost of school lunches is $2.30 per day or $11.50 per week. Each child has a debit card where prepayments can be made in any amount. Lunch money is collected on Fridays. Children must be prepaid for at least one week in advance. Those children that bring cold lunch may purchase milk for .50 cents a day. Milk is included with all school lunches.
*Free lunches and reduced price lunches are available if your family income falls within certain guidelines. Applications forms are sent home to every family on the first day of school. Please complete those forms and return them to the school as soon as possible. Forms are also available throughout the school year if your income status changes.
If you are paying by check make the check out to SFNS (Schools Foods and Nutrition Service).

Regular attendance is important if a child is going to succeed in school. It's next to impossible for a child to follow what's being taught in a classroom if he or she misses school frequently.
School is important to your child's social development as well. While your son or daughter is learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, the child is also learning to get along with other children, to interact with adults, to understand and follow rules, and to be a successful school citizen.
Regular attendance is required by state law for any child over six years old.

Regular Day
8:15 Students having breakfast can enter the school
8:30 All students can enter the school                       
8:45 Instruction begins                                      
After 8:45 you are late.

Tardy students causes a huge disruption to the school day and affect the limited instructional time teachers have. Classroom teachers are working to get students who are tardy caught up instead of moving forward with the class. Please make every effort to get your children to school on time. Studies show that assessment scores and student progress are lower in students who are habitually late or absent.
It is also true that dismissing your child at the end of the school day, before teachers have finished his/her lessons, has a negative impact on what your son or daughter receives in instructional time. The end of the school day is as vitally important as the beginning in terms of having time to review homework assignments and pack up what is needed for the night.

If a child is sick or for some other reason cannot attend school, it is the parents' responsibility to do both of the following:
1. Notify the school on the morning of the absence either by telephoning or by sending a note with a brother or sister.
2. Send a note explaining the reason for the absence when your child returns to school.

If school is to be canceled because of bad weather, announcements will be made over the following local radio and television stations: WGIR WZID WFEA WMUR-TV9
The same will be true for delayed openings. If there is a delayed opening everything will start 90 minutes later than usual. Buses will also run 90 minutes late.

2 Hour Delay -
10:15 Students having breakfast can enter the school 
10:30 All students can enter the school
10:45 Instruction begins
10:46 Students are tardy 

When the weather is good, all students report to their assigned area on the playground by entering through the open gate or to the gym for breakfast through the doorway on Auburn Street. Wilson staff will supervise students in these locations. Parents are not allowed on the playground or in the gym.
When the weather is poor, all students will enter the gym through the Auburn Street doors to sit in their assigned area with their class or have breakfast. Wilson staff will supervise students in this location.
Classroom teachers will escort children from the gym to their classes at the appropriate time.

As a school community we need to work together to ensure the safety of our students, parents, and faculty. Please be respectful and supportive of the requests of staff and crossing guards who are outside at dismissal to help students follow safety guidelines. If you have a concern or question about dismissal procedures, please contact the principal who will be glad to discuss them with you.

Traffic Pattern: Please follow this traffic pattern during pick-up as it will do the most to keep our students safe. Travel on Cedar from Wilson to Hall; Travel on Hall from Cedar to Auburn; Travel on Auburn from Hall to Wilson; Travel on Wilson from Auburn to Cedar. Having all cars travel in the same pattern will do the most to keep kids safe. It will keep pick-up vehicles on the same side of the road as Wilson on all 3 streets surrounding the school. It will minimize the congestion that is caused by having cars travel in both directions on Cedar, Auburn and Wilson. 

Traffic around the school at arrival and dismissal times is a major problem, especially in the winter months when snow significantly reduces the travel width of the streets. Students leaving school must always cross at an intersection. Crossing guards will tell them when it is safe to cross. Please do not call to your child asking them to do otherwise. You are jeopardizing their safety and setting a bad example. Parents can help us most by being patient while their children follow these basic safety rules.

Some afternoon transportation to programming is provided by private organizations - Girls' Inc., YMCA, the Boys and Girls' Club, and various day cares. Parents must make their own arrangements with these organizations.
Children are expected to behave properly while on the school bus. This means staying seated, not picking on other children, and following the instructions of the driver. More specific rules will be explained to all bus children at the beginning of the school year. Children who continually misbehave will be suspended from riding the bus.

Each bus driver has a list of students approved to ride on that bus. No other students are allowed.

This year Y.O.U. (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) and 21st Century are running after school programs at Wilson School from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. These programs have been approved by the Manchester School Board. Parents who are interested in these programs can find contact information on our Clubs and Activities page.

All visitors to the school must report to the office before going elsewhere in the building. This includes parents who are picking up their children for appointments or wish to contact their children for any other reason. All volunteers must also sign in at the office and remain in the area of the building relevant to their volunteer activity. All visitors to the building who go beyond the office area must wear name tags indicating their purpose for being in the building - volunteer, maintenance, guest, etc.

If any type of medication is to be taken at school, that medication must be delivered to the school nurse in its original container.The school must also have a signed statement from the physician who prescribed the medication (forms are available for this), as well as a note from the child's parents giving us permission to administer the medication.


Applications for school insurance are sent home the first week of school. This insurance is available throughout the school year.

Homework is an important part of the educational process. To be effective, it requires an integrated effort among teachers, parents, and students. Homework is used to practice learned skills, to develop independent study habits, and to provide a connection between the home and school environments. Please help your child develop strong habits by supporting the timely completion of homework assignments and signing the homework paper or an assignment book if requested.