About Wilson

Wilson School was established on its current site on Wilson Street, between Auburn and Cedar, in 1895. It was named for Henry Wilson (Jeremiah Jones Colbath) who was born in Farmington, MA on February 16, 1812. Henry Wilson became a United States Senator for Massachusetts in 1855 and the 18th Vice President of the U.S. in 1873, serving under President Ulysses S. Grant. He died in office in Washington, DC on Nov. 22, 1875. A plaque honoring his accomplishments proudly hangs on an original brick wall in Wilson's first floor corridor.

Wilson School has had many configurations throughout the years - K-8, K-3 with some special needs classes, K-4 with an English Language Learner class, and its current population of grade K-5 students. For a time, Wilson was able to accommodate Beech Street School's overflow of kindergarten students. More recently, the City rented space at the Easter Seals building on Auburn Street to accommodate 5 classes of our kindergarten students.

Wilson School was renamed Henry Wilson School and Community Center when an addition of 6 classrooms over a multipurpose room (gymnasium/cafeteria combination) was added. The newly purchased playground equipment became a popular recess activity at that time. Shortly thereafter, a portable unit housing 2 classes was set on the site, leaving the site as it looks today.